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"Three Anchored Alphas"


PE: Eunice *nevari* Cho (Tau Rho)

PEA: Mei *liatris* Feng (Tau Rho)


#144 - Mei *vireya* Li

#145 - Amy *Revié* Ye

#146 - Esther *leiârcis* Kim

#144 Mei *vireya* Li

Major: Accounting
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2017)
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Mei *liatris* Feng (Tau Rho)

Lil Sis: Siqin *cardére* Xie (Tau Alpha Delta), Cindy *venòsa* Lin (Tau Alpha Delta)

What I love about Sigma: I love the passion and drive that every sister has! They are all so hardworking and they put so much effort into their academics and positions they hold. Their motivation and intelligence is something I strive to have and I know being surrounded by these sisters will only make me a better person! :) 


Fun Fact: I love to eat and drink boba!

#145 Amy *Revié* Ye

Major: Finance and Information Systems

Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2018)
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Catherine *Madeira* Cheng (Tau Pi)

Lil Sis: Gloria *Viella* Zhang* (Tau Alpha Epsilon), Alicia *Velisse* Wang (Tau Alpha Epsilon), Jill *Viére* Huang (Tau Alpha Epsilon)

What I love about Sigma: I love how supportive every sister is. They’ve taught me a lot about myself and about life in general. Every sister is so uniquely talented in their own way, and that’s what makes the sisterhood so great. I love how closely-knit the sisters are; everyone is each other’s backbone. I love my big, my line sisters, and my mom and dad; I don’t know where I’d be without them!


Fun Fact: My initials spell my first name (A.M.Y)

#146 Esther *leiârcis* Kim

Major: Public Health Science
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2018)
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Jiyoon *eirénæ* Song (Tau Chi)

Little Sis: Monica *valexis* Park (Tau Alpha Gamma), Casey *àravelle* Lee (Tau Alpha Epsilon)

What I love about Sigma: I love how academically oriented the sisterhood is. I love how each sister has their own personality and makes this sisterhood very diverse. Just like the long lasting friendship. the support given from each sister is never ending. Plus, they know how to have fun while being very academic. To be honest, I absolutely love everything about the sisterhood in general! No doubt about it. Plus, I love my biggie in every way <3


Fun Fact: I have perfect pitch (the ability to recognize/name any pitch!)

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