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Ms.Worlwides (we went to philly)

Tau x Nu <3 UMCP x Drexel We had so much fun visiting Drexel Sigmas at Philly! Saw SOO many cute cats 🐱

Sigmas at FDS Fall 2022 Installs!

Syzters at the Spot

TAN at Fall 2022 Installs! 1 year anniversary <3

TAXi's First Retreat! Yummy Neo brunch >:)


TAN's Night Out

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Eboodies

some of TAL at our FA21 Installs <33

fun syztersgiving :)

FA21 Reveal!~




Our cutest class TAM with their PEA! <3

celebrating Christy *Apríori* Pahk's birthday!

SYZters spending time over the summer in WV! :)

TAI at our Sisterhood Retreat in WV!

First time TAL met their SP20 UMCP syands!

SYZters hung out at Top Golf!

From our FA20 Recruitment photoshoot!

Sisterhood Dinner to start off the Spring 2020 school year!

Sisterhood Winter Retreat 2019 <3

Sisters went to mix with UMCP FDS, UMCP aKDPHI, UVA Lambdas, and UVA aKDPHI in Virginia!

Flyering and selling cookies at Stamp!

Moonrise 2019 ready <3

Spring 2020 Recruitment Photoshoot!


Cute Alpha Kappa class with their Mom and Dad!

TAI traveling to Philly!


These stairs are tradition :,)

An EXTRAVAGANT night at the fair!

We can't handle this heat from TAI!!!

Fall 2019 Photoshoot!

Hotdog eating contest during AAPI week!

Sisters flyering outside of North Campus Diner!

Sisterhood Secret Santa!

We love our sisters <3

Seven Lions at Echostage!

Some sisters at Electric Zoo NY with some brothers from FDS!


Thanksgiving Potluck with UMCP Taiwanese Asian Student Association!


Fundraising outside of stamp with homemade cakepops!

Little did you know, there are BUNS in that box <3

Alpha Theta Class at Banquet!

Sisters attending the Greek Leadership Conference before the semester begins!

Some sisters went to support UMCP Kappas at their charity event!

We had the privilege of hosting MARR Fall 2019! It was such a success! Thank you everyone!

So cuteee~

Serving looks~

Alums and active sisters at a festival!

Only Good Vibes~

Sisterhood Potluck!

Big Paddle!


Info Board Tabling! Get to know us!

You will be missed! Forever Sigmas!

Ice skating social with GMU PDPSI!

Sister love <3

Some sisters traveled to UMBC to attend Lambda Phi Epsilon's Fall 2019 New Member Reveal!


Sigmas from all over at the Flushing, NY Convention 2019!

Cute neos

Our chapter welcomes our newest class, Tau Alpha Iota!


Painting our philanthropy at MARR!

Active house photo shoot!

Learning about red flags with UMCP's care office!

Celebrating Alicia *Velisse* Wang's 21st Birthday!

Sisters attend convention 2019 in Flushing, NY!

Sisters attend a rave (San Holo) with some brothers of NYU Pi Delta Psi in New York

Congrats to the Spring 2019 graduating class!

Spring 2019 Photo Shoot was a blast!

A night out with sisters!

Dumpling Night!!!

Raised $5019.51 for My Sister's Place during our SPEAK 2019!

Awards at Banquet!

Attending alpha Kappa Delta Phi's Spring 2019 Probate!

Spring 2018 Photoshoot!

#149 Allison *Arvelia* Kang (NME) and #159 Eileen *perennia* Zhi (NMEA) and their kiddos!!!

#189 Sarah *Roseaux* Liu receiving her letters!

Phi Delta Sigma Fall 2018 Psi Class Probate!

Love <3

Attending Kappa Phi Lambda's Spring 2019 Probate!

TAD and TAD babies!

Serving looks.

Some of Tau Alpha Delta!

Tau Alpha Eta first ever probate for Tau Chapter!

Some fun in New York!

Spring 2018 Photoshoot <3

3/8 Tau Alpha Epsilon!

Our annual charity dinner!


Congratulations to our seniors! Can't wait to see what your next chapter leads. You will always be apart of our chapter <3

"The Always Zealous", Tau Alpha Zeta <3

We miss you, seniors <3 (Not pictured: Stephanie Shao, Chi)

Every summer, sisters spend time together at Sisterhood Retreat in Deep Creek Lake.

Sigmas are heavily involved throughout the campus community. Pictured is our President and VP External [Alpha Beta Class] performing at TASA's Coffee House (Spr 17).

TAG! (Missing Rachel and Monica)

Legacy is one of Sigma's ten rays. Family lines extending is an example of legacy.


Every winter, Sigmas travel up to New York to meet brothers of fraternities, and bond with them at ski trips.

Five of our Psi class sisters (fall 2014) bonding at Mid-Atlantic Regional Rally.

Sisters attend a banquet at the end of each semester to welcome the newly initiated class.

All you need is Sigma.

Poster for our Spring 2016 "Gold Rush" recruitment week.

A typical sister's accessories for the day.

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