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A Letter From Our

Hi all,

My name is Ashley Xu and I am honored to be the 2022-2023 president of the Tau Chapter of Sigma Psi Zeta at University of Maryland, College Park. 


I never thought I would join a sorority when I entered college, but I am eternally grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone. Sigmas has provided me with some of my closest friends and a community that deeply understands me. I hold this organization close to my heart as it has shaped both me as a person as well as my university experience. I owe everything to the amazing sisters who have come before me and the sisters who stand beside me today as I strive to lead our chapter of strong, beautiful women.


I want Sigmas to remain a place of comfort and encouragement for our sisters as we grow to new heights. Under my leadership, I hope our organization flourishes  through close bonds of sisterhood, our philanthropic efforts, and our involvement in the community. I am so privileged to be this year’s president and look forward to leaving behind a proud legacy.


With Sigma Love,

Ashley *Cerezeux* Xu

Ashley Xu

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