"The Always Golden"


PE: Jiyoon *eirénæ* Song (Tau Chi)

PEA: Vivien *Auslesé* Xie (Tau Tau)


#150 - Karren *Vieux* Nguyen

#151 - Ngan *viatori* Nguyen

#152 - Hannah *Caudalíe* Lee

#153 - Monica *valęxis* Park

#154 - Rachel *Avéna* Rha

#150 Karren *Vieux* Nguyen

Major: Public Health Science
Year: Aumna (Graduated Spring 2018)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Big Sis:  Stephanie *Echezeaux* Choi (Tau Chi)

Lil Sis: Vanessa *Verdeaux* Ngo (Tau Alpha Zeta)

What I love about Sigma: I love how if I need anything, a syzta will always have my back.


Fun Fact: I have a stuffed animal named Chingquan that I can't sleep without - he's like my child lol

#151 Ngan *viatori* Nguyen

Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Big Sis: Rebecca *kahira* He (Tau Chi)

What I love about Sigma: I love the support I get from sisters and it pushes me to strive for my goals.


Fun Fact: I love hot pot.

#152 Hannah *Caudalíe* Lee

Major: Neurobiology/Physiology
Year: Senior
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Leah *Kizuki* Goldberg (Tau Pi)

What I love about Sigma: I love how everybody is a strong independent woman who are driven and passionate to do amazing things. Everyone is supporting each other and to be honest Sigma really inspires me to really go out there and to get out of my zones. I LOVE all the sisters for the love and support that they give to everyone and for accepting me for who I am(: I'm really glad and undeniably thankful to be a part of this sisterhood<3


Fun Fact: After realizing how much of a necessity this is, I got my driver's license after my first year in college(: 

#153 Monica *valęxis* Park

Major: Public Health Science
Year: Senior
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis:  Esther *leiârcis* Kim (Tau Alpha Alpha)

What I love about Sigma: The sisters! If it wasn't for Sigma, I'd be missing out on knowing some great, funny, supportive, and extremely intelligent women. 

Fun Fact: I won first place in the county wide archery competition during all three years in middle school lol 

#154 Rachel *Avéna* Rha

Major: Animal Science
Year: Senior
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Vivien *Auslesé* Xie (Tau Tau)

What I love about Sigma: Sisters are so warm and inviting, and they really help me appreciate and embrace my culture!


Fun Fact: Here at UMD, I play club tennis, am in Maryland IMAGES, and the ETE Scholars program!

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