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"The TADpoles"


PE: Rebecca *kahira* He (Tau Chi)

PEA: Stephanie *Aradora* Shao (Tau Chi)


#155: Julia *Nivêlína* Maa

#156: Elizabeth *amíCi* Chen

#157: Elizabeth *genesi* Hung

#158: Siqin *cardére* Xie

#159: Eileen *perennia* Zhi

#160: Anhthi *bellevela* Le

#161: Annabel *valcea* Kim

#162: Elizabeth *épiphany* Kwon

#163: Cindy *venòsa* Lin

#155 Julia *Nivêlína* Maa

Major: Neurobiology and Physiology 

Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2020) 

Ethnicity: Taiwanese


Big Sis: Stephanie *Aradora* Shao (Tau Chi)


What I love about Sigma: Despite how unique and different all the sisters are, I love how we can still come together at the end of the day to support and love one another. I have already learned so much from my sisters and this organization that I can't wait to see all the amazing things that lie ahead. <3 


Fun Fact: I love potatoes. 

#156 Elizabeth *amíCi* Chen

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2020)

Ethnicity: Chinese


Big Sis: Casey *Artois* Lim (Tau Phi)

Lil Sis: Irene *jülEp* Hao and Winnie *ArdÊnt* Liang (Tau Alpha Iota)


What I love about Sigma: I love unexpectedly seeing sisters all around campus. 


Fun Fact: Sometimes I sprint around.

#157 Elizabeth *genesi* Hung

Major: Chemical Engineering
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2020) 
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big sis: May *fiscella* Chen (Tau Phi)

What I love about Sigma: I love how everyone is genuinely supportive and there for each other.

Fun fact: I've moved 7 times and lived in 4 states.

#158 Siqin *cardére* Xie

Major: Geographical Information Systems
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2020) 
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis:  Mei *vireya* Li (Tau Alpha Alpha)

Lil Sis: Sabrina *Lamiér* Li (Tau Alpha Iota)

What I love about Sigma:  I love the atmosphere among the sisterhood. Everyone is so supportive and friendly.

Fun Fact: I went to a military high school.

#159 Eileen *perennia* Zhi

Major: Neurology and Physiology
Alumna (Graduated Spring 2020) 
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis:  Angela *osiría* Wu (Tau Chi)

Lil Sis: Sami *qïravina* Byun (Tau Alpha Lambda)

What I love about Sigma: My Sigma sisters are always here to give me their honest advice. They are here to support me through all my ventures and tough times. I also love being on the sideline and cheering them on too.

Fun Fact: I like cats, watermelons, and marble patterned stationary.  


#160 Anh-Thi *bellevela* Le

Major: Public Health Science

Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2020) 

Ethnicity: Vietnamese


Big Sis: Crystal *aspirante* Si (Tau Upsilon)

Lil Sis: Miranda *celibrae* Vo (Tau Alpha Iota)

What I love about Sigma: Friendship!! I know that I'll always have support and someone to talk to. Also I'll never be lonely. 


Fun fact: I like to make memes.

#161 Annabel *valcea* Kim

Major: Neurobiology & Physiology

Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2020) 

Ethnicity: Korean and Japanese 


Big Sis: Teresa *capira* Feng (Tau Phi)

Lil Sis: Faith *älvorâ* Kim (Tau Alpha Theta)


What I love about Sigma: I love that I have been adopted into a family


Fun Fact: I make weird noises when I sleep.

#162 Elizabeth *épiphany* Kwon

Major: International Business

Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2018)

Ethnicity: Korean


Big sis: Katherine *espérera* Kim (Tau Pi)

Lil Sis: Chae-eun *bellalunée* Lee and Sarah *bellasoléil* Bang (Tau Alpha Eta)


What I love about Sigma: I love the academic ambition of the sisters.


Fun Fact: I can speak five languages!

#163 Cindy *venòsa* Lin

Major: Public Health

Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2019)

Ethnicity: Chinese 


Big Sis: Mei *vireya* Li (Tau Alpha Alpha)


What I love about Sigma: All the sisters are so welcoming and supportive. They are always there to support me and motivate me to accomplish many things. 


Fun Fact: I had a pet monkey in China when I was little. 

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