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"Tea Roses"


PE: Uyen *xoxo* Nguyen (Tau Mu)

PEA: Nancy *edessa* Tang (Tau Mu)


#109 - Connie *Chiaretto* Chen

#110 - Eunice *nevari* Cho

#111 - Mei *liatris* Feng

#112 - Brenna *novalise* Zhang

#113 - Julia *pleïadi* Park

#114 - Christine *piura* Kim

#115 - Diane *Margaux* Hou

#116 - Sarah *étude* Bao

#109 Connie *Chiaretto* Chen

Major: Kinesiology
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2015)
Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Big Sis: Christine *Joliesse* Peng (Tau Nu)
Little Sis: Jenny *Caravella* Xia (Tau Psi)

What I love about Sigma: The girls in Sigma are all so smart and motivated, and I know they will all be successful. I want to surround myself with these girls like this and hope to be smart and successful like them! I also wanted to be a part of a legacy. When I leave this world, I want to leave a mark behind. I feel like joining Sigmas is also a way to do that.

#110 Eunice *nevari* Cho

Major: English (Minor: Secondary Education)
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2015)
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Christina *katara* Eum (Tau Omicron)
Little Sis: Rebecca *kahira* He (Tau Chi)

#111 Mei *liatris* Feng

Major: Psychology
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2015)
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Jasmine *luella* Guansing (Tau Nu)
Little Sis: Mei *vireya* Li (Tau Alpha Alpha)

What I love about Sigma: I went out to rush just to try it out and see if I possibly wanted to be in a sorority. I ended up really liking Sigma and the sisters! Now that I’m a sister, I am really excited and happy that I chose Sigma! It’s an amazing sisterhood with wonderful girls and I’m really happy that I made the decision to be a part of it.

#112 Brenna *novalise* Zhang

Majors: Finance and Government & Politics
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2015)
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Margaret *méridien* Zheng (Tau Xi)
Little Sis: Angela *osiría* Wu (Tau Chi)

#113 Julia *pleïadi* Park

Major: General Biology
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2014)
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Christina *an'DiAmo* Lee (Tau Mu)
Little Sis: Jiyoon *eirénæ* Song (Tau Chi)

What I love about Sigma: Sigma has taught me how to be ready in various types of environments and settings. Whether it be socially, professionally, or educationally, I’ve learned a lot about how to act, where to look, and what to do when certain circumstances arise, and that is something I have come to really appreciate over time.

#114 Christine *piura* Kim

Major: Accounting
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2015)
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Ashley *umea* Zhan (Tau Xi)
Little Sis: Teresa *capira* Feng (Tau Phi)

#115 Diane *Margaux* Hou

Major: Crimonology & Criminal Justice
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2015)

Post-Graduation: CCJS Academic Advisor at the University of Maryland, College Park
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Mellownie *Perideoux* Ho (Tau Omicron)
Little Sis: Stephanie *Echezeaux* Choi (Tau Chi)

#116 Sarah *étude* Bao

Major: Neurobiology & Physiology (Minor: Music Performance)
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2012)
Post-Graduation: University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Class of 2018
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Ivy *savoie* Lo (Tau Nu)
Little Sis: Nancy *éclaircie* Htay (Tau Upsilon)

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