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"Très Ultimates"


PE: Christina *an'DiAmo* Lee (Tau Mu)

PEA: Emily *Asterisk* Cheung (Tau Xi)


#126 - Nancy *éclaircie* Htay

#127 - Vicky *Viyena Park

#128 - Crystal *aspirante* Si

#126 Nancy *éclaircie* Htay

Major: Community Health
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2016)
Ethnicity: Burmese

Big Sis: Sarah *étude* Bao (Tau Rho)

Little Sis: Danielle *éirlys* Lee (Tau Psi)

What I love about Sigma: Each sister has a unique personality, yet what everyone has in common is that they are all driven, motivated, successful, and loving. I respect and cherish that so much, and am so thankful to be around such caring people all the time. They will always be there for you and I will always be there for them too!

#127 Vicky *Viyena* Park

Major: General Biology (Pre-Dental)
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2016)
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Angela *Ardysia* Mei (Tau Pi)

Little Sis: Allison *Arvelia* Kang (Tau Alpha Beta)

What I love about Sigma: Sigma has the most amazing, hard-working, and beautiful sisters. Everyone is different in their own way and the sisterhood is such an amazing support system. It has the kind of love that drives everything in between. Friendship, motivation, dedication, determination, the list goes on!

#128 Crystal *aspirante* Si

Major: Accounting
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2016)
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Margaret *méridien* Zheng (Tau Xi)

Lil Sis: Anh-Thi *bellevela* Le (Tau Alpha Delta)

What I love about Sigma: I love all the sisters and my line sisters so much, they make everything so worth it! Sisters are so much fun, intelligent and pretty, and they serve as my role models. I love being able to form long-lasting friendships and knowing sisters will be there for me, supporting each other through anything <3


Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with Chipotle <3 And I have a grey-looking birthmark on my right foot.

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