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"talk of the TAOn"



PE:  Edwina *Seírani* You  (Tau Alpha Lambda)

PEA:  Amy *Ardézure* Suk  (Tau Alpha Lambda)

#226 May *Avesseux* Soe Min

#227 Kylie *evinora* Ly

#228 Tiffany *Vittoria* Yang

#229 Allison *Láviexe* Chung

#230 Laena *beauvaia* Nho

May Roster.jpg
#226 -  May *Avesseux* Soe Min 

Major: Government and Politics—International Relations Concentration


Ethnicity: Burmese

Big Sis: Ashley *Cerezeux* Xu (Tau Alpha Mu)

What I love about Sigmas: I really admire the sisters in the sorority as everyone is so driven and welcoming. I also love how the sorority is very active and proud of their philanthropy.

Kylie Ly - Roster.jpg
#227 - Kylie *evinora* Ly

Major: Public Health Science

Year: Sophomore

Ethnicity: Filipino and Chinese

Big Sis: Cindy *divora* Le (Tau Alpha Nu)

What I love about Sigmas: Everyone has their own unique vibes and personalities while still having a very close knit community! They are all so kind and everyone genuinely cares for one another.

Fun Fact: I’ve swam with whale sharks but the second they got close to me I started screaming and crying because I was scared (true story).

Tiff roster.HEIC
#228 - Tiffany *Vittoria* Yang

Major: General Biology

Year: Sophomore

Ethnicity: Chinese


Big Sis: Kaitlin *Taormina* Sim (Tau Alpha Mu


What I love about Sigmas: I love that all of the sisters are so kind and helpful to each other, and that our personalities are so diverse but we’re able to get along really well as a group. 


Fun fact: I’ve been front row at Wimbledon before (camping out was worth it 🤓) 

allison roster.jpg
#229 - Allison *Láviexe* Chung

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Ethnicity: Korean


Big sis: Amy *Ardézure* Suk  (Tau Alpha Lambda)

What I love about sigmas: The sisters make up such a comfortable, welcoming group of people. I have so much fun when I am with them and genuinely feel supported and cared for.


Fun fact: I don’t really like animals….

Laena roster.jpg
#230- Laena *beauvaia* Nho

Major: Bioengineering

Year: Sophomore

Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Julie *auveaia* Pyo (Tau Alpha Nu)

What I love about sigmas: I appreciate the mission and values that the sorority promotes. Also, everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging to me since my very first recruitment event!

Fun Fact: I am addicted to sweetgreen and cava:)

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