"The Angelic Legends"


PE: Alicia *Velisse* Wang (Tau Alpha Epsilon)

PEA: Jocelyn *Théory* Lee (Tau Alpha Epsilon)


#198 - Edwina *Seírani* You

#199 - Sami *qïravina* Byun

#200 - Ali *cherlinée* Park

#201 - Amy *Ardézure* Suk

#202 - Diana *arvatiâ* Nam

#203 - Jamie *Alueura* Nam

****Class picture coming soon... after the quarantine*****

#198 - Edwina *Seírani* You

Major: Finance and Information Systems

Year: Freshman

Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Emily *aurella* Cheng (Tau Alpha Eta)

What I love about Sigma: I love that the things that make each sister unique are celebrated and that you can find yourself a home away from home within the sisterhood. I also love how sisters can support and lean on each other in achieving both personal and shared goals.

Fun Fact: