"Nu Kids on the Block"


PE: Jessie *Bella* Tsai (Tau Theta)

PEA: Grace *Siena* Pak (Tau Iota)


#85 Mina *epicurious* Park

#86 Ivy *savoie* Lo

#87 Alisa *Tykuri* Sathirabarabongse

#88 Jasmine *luella* Guansing

#89 Hillary *Tahari* Hipolito

#90 Christine *Joliesse* Peng

#91 Emily *cosmic* Cheng

#89 Hillary *Tahari* Hipolito

Major: Communication Studies
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2013)

Post-Graduation: Administrative Aide at NYU
Ethnicity: Filipino

Big Sis: Rhia *Luxirie* Pumhirun (Tau Theta)
Little Sis: Mandy *Valentine* Lim (Tau Pi)

About Me: Laugh uncontrollably. Love unconditionally. Live with good intentions. 

What I love about Sigma: Thanks for years of laughter, love, and memories.

#85 Mina *epicurious* Park

Major: Elementary Education/Human Development
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2013)

Post-Graduation: Teacher at Pine Crest Elementary School
Ethnicity: Korean

Big Sis: Rita *copélia* Wu (Tau Theta)

Little Sis: Katherine *espérera* Kim (Tau Pi)

About Me: I'm going to be an elementary school teacher( WOHOOO EDUCATION) !!! therefore i love collecting stickers and anything related to decorating my future classroom. Also I am an online shopaholic and in love with froyo <3

What I love about Sigma: there is not a single moment that i have not loved while being in sigma. the memories i have made with my sisters will ever so be cherished <3 from pledge sister beach trips to holiday bakesales, there is not a memory that i will erase. NU KIDS ON THE BLOCK x INFINITY <3

#86 Ivy *savoie* Lo

Major: Geographic Information Systems
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2013)

Post-Graduation: Helpdesk Analyst at Intelsat
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Dilys *mod* Fan (Tau Theta)

Little Sis: Sarah *étude* Bao (Tau Rho)

About Me: Laughter is contagious.

#87 Alisa *Tykuri* Sathirabarabongse

Major: Public Health
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2013) 

Post-Graduation: Registered Nurse at Children's National Medical Center
Ethnicity: Thai

Big Sis:Jacqueline *Hanaiko* Tseng (Tau Iota)

Little Sis: Vicky *Alysier* Liu (Tau Tau)

About Me: & all that I'm after is a life full of laughter... <3


What I love about Sigma: Joining Sigma Psi Zeta was one of my most memorable journeys in college and I'm so glad I did it. I met amazing, smart, self-driven, and fun girls that I am now proud to call my sisters :) Sigma gives you the best of both worlds - work hard, play hard !!! ;)

#88 Jasmine *luella* Guansing

Major: Communication Studies, Spanish
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2013)

Post-Graduation: Account Manager at Transcend Information, Inc.
Ethnicity: Filipina

Big Sis: Doreen *rampage* Wu (Tau Iota)
Littles: Mei *liatris* Feng (Tau Rho)

            Melissa *lamia* Lam (Tau Tau)

God Lil Sis: Tanya *escintiller* Kulprasertrat (Tau Tau)

About Me: I'm outgoing, talkative, social, fun, and friendly. Basically, I'm an extreme extrovert! I love making new friends, so don't be scared to approach me! Most likely, I will be the first to approach you anyways. I love to laugh, smile, and just have a good time :)

#90 Christine *Joliesse* Peng

Major: Public Health (Pre-Nursing)
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2013)

Post-Graduation: Registered Nurse at Suburban Hospital
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis:  Jennifer *MareTTo* He (Tau Kappa)
Littles: Connie *Chiaretto* Chen (Tau Rho)

            Anastasia *merCïer* Adams (Tau Tau)


About Me: I like laying in warm weather by the pool, comedies and thrillers, bubble tea, and LOVE anything sweet!

#91 Emily *cosmic* Cheng

Major: Neurobiology and Physiology
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2013)

Post-Graduation: Student at SUNY College of Optometry
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Sy-Yu *issey* Chen (Tau Theta)
Little Sis: Christine *desidere* Sim (Tau Omicron)


About Me: I love sunny days, random acts of kindness, and all things food. I am extremely talkative, so ask me anything and I promise it'll turn into a conversation. I try to wake up everyday feeling stronger than yesterday :)

What I love about Sigma: I think it's important to surround yourself with the right people. People that will push you to do better and inspire you to do great things. I believe that Sigma is just that. Girls who are not only there for you when you need them but also people that help you to become a better person!


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