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"Teddy Bears"



#18 - Cathy *uh oh!* Lin

#19 - Amanda *elmo* Nguyen

#20 - Yeelan *Bailey* Ku

#21 - Tina *Etana* Nguyen

#22 - Evelyn *Milan* Cheng

#18 Cathy *uh oh!* Lin

Major: Accounting
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2008)
Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Big Sis: Grace *oopsy* Leung (Tau Charter)
Littles: Angel *arielle* Li (Tau Delta)
            Sy-yu *issey* Chen (Tau Theta)


About Me: I am clumsy, cheesy and the biggest dork, but the most awesomest thing about me is that I have 49 sisters who love me just the way I am. 

#19 Amanda *elmo* Nguyen

Major: Communications & Journalism
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2007)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Big Sis: Judy *Fiore* Chiang (Tau Alpha)

Little Sis: Alice *T.K.O.* Pan (Tau Epsilon)


Fun Fact: My passion is in entertainment. I tote my trusty camera with me everywhere I go - I'm a paparazzi at heart!

#20 Yeelan *Bailey* Ku

Major: Cellular Biology and Molecular Genetics
Year: Alumna
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Melissa *Millésime* Tsai (Tau Alpha)

Little Sis: Lisa *Clio* Kim (Tau Epsilon)


About Me: I love getting to know new people - especially my SYZters from around the nation. They never cease to amaze me! 

#21 Tina *Etana* Nguyen

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2008)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Big Sis: Clara *Eminence* Pang (Tau Alpha)

Littles: Margaret *PiNK* Lee (Tau Zeta)

             Rita *copélia* Wu (Tau Theta)


Fun Fact: My dreams for the future include opening a dermatologist office and living in New York City (probably will not happen in that order).

#22 Evelyn *Milan* Cheng

Major: Economics & Mathematics (Minor: Chinese)
Year: Alumna (Graduated Spring 2008)
Ethnicity: Chinese

Big Sis: Myloan *Lush* Nguyen (Tau Alpha)

Little Sis: Emily *D'lux* Lin (Tau Epsilon)


What I love about Sigma: I promise you time moves faster in college. One day you will probably end up saying something like "OMG, I am a already a Senior, where did the time go?" These days everyone is engrossed in their own lives that they barely have time to stop and play. That is where Sigma comes in, to capture many, many unforgettable memories with your sisters and to expand your horizon to a much more fulfilling college experience. 

Fun Fact: I have a handbag fetish. I am in love with Louis Vuitton.

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